The casting performance that jar King is overwhelming and the series that was raw abnormally, and investigated the operability of the plug.
I cut a thread, and a bringing sure death method is jar King for Japanese big-trout without the motivation, the capture.
Jar King is a method to direct a lure like Bate fish running about this way and that way by a sudden line tension change and an extremely wide stroke and a change of the speed.
The action of the wonderful lure which specific blanks of the fully parabolic action and Jerking with the also specific guide setting produce and the overwhelming flying distance are right Power of SOULS.
Jar King assumed the use of every lure and developed it.
It is impossible by all means only in minnow to let you trace a three-dimensional course in a flow.
It is insufficient only in minnow to trace line, this which I imaged because an angler captures a big trout depending on the situation exactly.
It is sometimes a spoon and is vibration and is crank Bate and is a jig.
The method called jar King is completed by using all these lures.


model length wt. lure line section real seat grip price/taxout sale
TF-JA88XHS(インターナショナルモデル) 8'8" 190g 10-40g 8-20lb. 2 woodspacer/
cork 76,000 2016.04
TF-JA88XHS-TZ(JAPANモデル) 8'8" 184g 10-40g 8-20lb. 2 woodspacer/
cork 78,000 2016.04
TF-JA92HS-TZ 9'2" 164g 8-30g 8-16lb. 2 woodspacer/
cork 80,000 2016.01


10-40 g of lure weight.
A high-power flagship model during the SOULS trout rod series.
I use durable SIC guide.
I come for fight without giving a monster trout of 10 kg of over initiative and am the high power rod which put an overseas expedition in the field of vision.
The rod which Cima Thailand men Atlantic silver King steelhead repeated tests in world class monster trouts by the overseas expedition and finished.
The use in the scene where fight in great river and torrent Arase whom the long cast needs with a high weight lure, forcibleTo draware necessary for will be good.
Fully parabolic blank which is -specific which is not only high power only realizes the lure operation that is casting performance and freedom of the wonder simply.


torzite ring (JAPAN model) is released newly by a request of the one at the domestic big game, too.
I draw blank original performance by use of lightweight torzite ring and realize the improvement of the response, lightweighting of the self-respect.
It is the rod which takes it, and changed grip long in consideration of the good mawashi, the good hand return in Japan.


8 g - 30 g of lure weight.
The rod that it may be said that it is right all-around by doing available lure weight widely.
Making an overwhelming flying distance, characteristic to come from 92 length of what and the fish which comes from the tough and flexible blank even if say come out; hate.
It is the fatty tuna shallows, the rod which does not choose the place until Ito and a surf game of Hokkaido more from the shallows.





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