avantgarde  SPINNING
AVANTGARDE is a signature model of the SOULS field staff.
The ultimate rod which the field staff idealizes is AVANTGARDE.
The rod which is right Transcendence in Avantgarde which is developed without all limitation.
Means, that of Trout Finalist to completely realize imagination and transcendent art are development concepts of AVANTGARDE.
Therefore, actually, we cannot imagine it at all at present how a lineup turns out.
model length wt. lure line section real seat grip price/taxout sale
TF-A50ULS 5'0" 86g 1-7g 2-6lb. 2 woodspacer/
cork 81,000 on sale
TF-A92HS 9'2" 162g 8-30g 8-16lb. 2 woodspacer/
cork 123,000 2016.02


Lure weight 1-7.
The mountain stream rod of the best standard that I developed TF-A50ULS "Chap Grande" because Susumu Yokota caught the large trout fish which was cunning maturity.
I change an action of minnow to exact approach and the reaction of the trout fish continually and bring it in to a byte.
It transmitted every information from minnow which it was flowing thoroughly, and it became the development concept that an angler reacted instantly.
I draw blank original performance by use of lightweight torzite ring and realize the improvement of the response, lightweighting of the self-respect.
The rod which had toughness and delicacy, please sense a spirits of "Chap Grande" Chap Yokota bodily.


8-30 g of lure weight
The answer that I arrived at when ichiro sato aims at Oncorhynchus masou is AVANTGARD92

In all conditions to meet with in each river, there is the performance that a signature model to use always evolves
I cope with the flow of the river turning into both an individual lure and various points every day, and, in fact, there are not so many rods arriving at an answer.
I went to the flow to spread in front and I had a rod from the surface to the bottom and could finish investigating the range of all spare and did extreme new casting performance for realization.
It possesses the softness and flexibility, and an overwhelming flying distance is got, and it is the essence of the Ichiro jerk to direct a lure like genuine Small fish running about this way and that way.
The rod which is possible by long jerk, Twitching, every direction that is abnormally completely small a step width of the speed control until a stop long shot jerk while, by the way, I do ultra high speed retrieving from a natural state drifting terribly widely.
I made it possible to largely reduce Miss of the long cast and Oncorhynchus masou that parabolic blank was overwhelming.
The use in the scene where fight in large river and torrent Arase that the long shot cast is necessary for a high weight lure, forcible Draw are necessary for will be good in the O. masou scene in the country.

I want you to sense the soul of the highest peak bodily through extreme AVANTGARDE92.





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